The DNA Behavior Methodology

Our overall objective was to build a system which was designed to reliably assess 8 major personality factors as well as 24 related subfactors. These measures of behavior were designed to be more specific than Costa and McCrae’s (1985) measure of the “Big Five” and other personality inventories, so as to capture important dimensions of behavior on how people make decisions, take direction and work with others, interact and build relationships, achieve results, handle information and complete tasks, develop trust, set and achieve goals, take and live with risks and learning styles.

In finalizing our approach in April 2001, we conducted extensive research on what assessment model would be most dependable in terms of predicting deep rooted personal behavioral traits. Our research concluded that the use of a Forced Choice (“Ipsative”) Assessment Format would produce the best results for discovering DNA Natural Behaviors and a separately used Traditional Assessment Format would produce the best results for discovering DNA Learned Behaviors. The Traditional Assessment Formats are the Likert-type Scoring Model ( Self scoring in ranges of 1 to 5 or 1 to 7 as to how a particular situation would apply or using a True/False approach).

Our investigations identified the following:

  • The traditionally used questionnaire formats have been academically proven to not produce sufficiently accurate or reliable predictions of behavior.
  • The traditionally used formats allow for self promotion and a higher chance of faking.
  • The most academically sound psychometric model for reliably predicting behavior is a properly constructed Forced Choice Scoring Model.
  • Independent academic research shows that the inflation of scores under a traditional questionnaire format is one standard deviation higher than under a forced choice (ipsative) format. In the context of risk profiling this level of inaccuracy could have a materially negative impact on a client’s investment portfolio.

In conclusion, forced choice measures don't allow for self-promotion and will provide a more accurate reflection of a person’s strengths and struggles over longer time periods. Therefore, we believe that this approach must be the Platinum Standard for any process that is used for human behavioral discovery.

Financial DNA Methodology

Further, academic research indicates that the Forced Choice Assessment Model can be equally applied to personality and motivation, interests, beliefs and attitudes. Therefore, there is a strong academic basis to use the Forced Choice Assessment Model in deploying assessments for employment, financial planning and other purposes.

DNA Behavior’s approach to norming our assessment tools adheres to the professional and technical benchmarks established in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

The DNA Behavior Discovery Processes are based on research that has been independently validated by a highly qualified team with 100+ years of combined academic and practical assessment development experience. DNA Behavior International has invested over 50 Man Years in the development of its suite of DNA Discovery Systems and Performance Development Systems.

Our cutting edge DNA Research has enabled the evolution of employee centered personality profiles to customer centered natural behavior discovery and human performance measurement. This research has enabled us to build the next generation of assessments and reports which provide enhanced personal development and commercial business opportunities.

To learn more about the specifics of the DNA Behavior assessment system methodology, reliability and validity, please review our booklet: “DNA Behavior - Getting to the Core of Human Behavior ”.

Also, you can email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for our DNA Behavior Validation Report.


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