The DNA Discovery Difference

In recent years there has been an increasing focus on improving employee productivity and happiness in the workplace, along with the development of winning teams and coaching leaders. There are a wide range of consulting firms with different methodologies that are focused on meeting these important needs. Further, some of these consultants will use a variety of employee centered personality profiling systems.

The uniqueness of our "understanding people before numbers" approach is to help businesses build a corporate memory bank of independently validated DNA behavioral data for matching their team to customers (or clients) and solutions offered on a continuous basis.

The differentiation of our behavioral discovery approach is that we start off with uncovering a person's natural instinctive behavioral traits at a greater level of depth and accuracy using a Forced Choice Assessment Model. This approach has been independently validated to be a more reliable predictor of talents and decision-making styles for long term performance. Whereas most competitor systems uncover a person's personality traits on a situational basis, and therefore are not sufficiently reliable predictors of long term success.

Our belief is that in order to improve results on a sustainable basis the business must become customer centered. Therefore, the business must “know, engage and grow” BOTH its employees and customers to deliver customized life long experiences. Improving only employee productivity is not enough, although this is the first stepping stone toward transformation. The business must progress to discovering the behaviors of customers and be able to easily integrate that information to all of its marketing, sales and operational activities.

A New Behavioral Discovery Model for Business

DNA Behavior Discovery Model

The other key deficiency is that most of the employee centered profiling systems generally measure personality, and often contain language on negative mental health issues. A “personality profiling” system is not reliable for performance development because personality is changeable depending on the mood, perceptions  and circumstances of the participant at any specific time.  Further, the personality profiling systems do not measure how the person is actually performing in their current role and life.

For performance development there must be a comprehensive discovery system which starts by measuring natural behavioral talents (strengths and struggles) that are reliable predictors of performance regardless of where the person is at. The natural instinctive behaviors will reflect where a person can consistently be productive over long time periods at high levels with the least amount of stress, and will "go to" under pressure. Then performance must be objectively measured recognizing what the person actually does in their role.  Very few systems do this let alone understand customer behavior. That is why we say “behavior drives performance”.

Powerful New Behavioral Insights for Business

DNA Behavior, behavioral insights

Further, the behavioral awareness and performance development experience must be continuously kept alive with interactive and intelligent technology systems that integrate performance development and behavioral discovery. This mitigates the risk of performance development being a one time game and builds an open "Knowing Me Knowing You" business culture which creates more trust and engagement.

Differential Features of the DNA Behavior Discovery Systems

To lead the “New Behavioral Economy” and address these fundamental issues DNA Behavior has pioneered the development of a suite of online human behavior solutions which deliver the following:

  • the online discovery and application of natural instinctive behaviors as the core starting point for customer experience management, human capital management, financial planning, investment portfolio design, family succession planning, sports and personal life development
  • measurement of 8 primary behavioral factors and 24 sub-factors compared to most personality inventory systems measuring only 4 factors
  • the use of the “Forced Choice Assessment Model” as a more reliable measure of natural instinctive behavior, including risk taking and decision-making biases
  • the separate measurement of human performance in the areas of work life, leadership, sales and advisory using the "DNA Sustainable Performance Index"
  • the behavioral matching of employee behaviors to customers and solutions offered
  • simpler and customized reporting with user-friendly analysis and powerful questions
  • the availability of a comprehensive suite of "hire to retire" human behavior solutions for training and development on one technology platform
  • shifting the paradigm of situational investment risk profiling on a singular basis to financial personality discovery covering all known dimensions of human behavioral risks and biases
  • the application of technology systems to seamlessly deploy human behavioral data on third party business and customer engagement platforms
  • delivering human behavioral products and services using a subscription pricing model

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