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People from all over the world are becoming raving advocates for DNA Behavior. Why?

Here is what a few of our customers have said:


  • We have been using DNA Behavior for years to help us evaluate prospective new hires for our company.  Using DNA not only helps us determine who(m) to hire, but what position(s) they will be best suited for.   Additionally as our company has grown and our employees have  grown we have been able to use the same reports to assist us in promoting and moving our employees into positions that they and the company can better prosper.  Hiring without these reports is like playing the game of roulette. DNA has been one of the keys to success of our company.  Thank you Hugh Massie and team!

    Steve Mintz, Ceo, Nex Generation Cellular, A Sprint Preferred Partner, Atlanta

  • Queensland Sugar engaged DNA Behavior at the beginning of 2010 as a partner to provide a range of Organizational Development services to assist us in transforming our culture to a performance culture focused on the customer.

    We began with the Executive Team and have worked through the organization understanding the talents of individuals through the DNA Discovery process, interviewing individuals and creating development plans. There has been strategy workshops, team development workshops, supported by coaching and the DNA Leadership Programs.

    Our staff appreciate the talent and strength based approach DNA Behavior uses in their processes and have had significant benefit both personally and professionally. The Performance of the teams has increased and collegiate behavior is continuing to improve. Our culture is now a place people want to work.

    I highly recommend the services of DNA Behavior if your organisation has similar needs.

    Neil Taylor, CEO Queensland Sugar Ltd, Brisbane QLD, Australia

  • DNA has been successfully involved with our senior management team. In leading us through the DNA teambuilding and leadership development processes, DNA made a significant contribution to the way our senior team worked together during a time of major organizational change. We've experienced significant growth in the areas of trust, intra-divisional teamwork, and communications and these factors have been vital to our success this year.

    Harvey Plummer, Managing Partner, Bearing Point, Australia


"I have never seen any human behavioral technology system which delivers a holistic solution for a business or a consulting or training firm to address both the behavior of employees and customers or clients in such a simple way, yet with very powerful insights."


  • DNA was used to help us build a benchmark for identifying the talents required for recruiting new financial advisors into the AMP Horizons academy, and then once hired on-board them into the business starting with development of their personal talents. The assessments were highly accurate and formed the basis of behavioral interviews. Further, the report information was presented in a way that made it easy for all of our team to interpret the key insights and gain practical benefits.

    Lee Tonitto, Head of AMP Horizons Academy, Sydney, Australia



    Understanding and communicating with each other is the foundation of any strong team and increasing sales revenues. The starting point to sound communication with others is essential to great communication. The DNA tools were tremendous tools in helping to identify key strengths and struggles in this regard. The DNA coaches and advisors were exceptional in working with our team to bring it all together in a manner to strengthen relationships and build our sales skills.

    Sales leader of a Funds Management Company, USA

  • DNA provided great tools in helping to identify key strengths and struggles… The DNA facilitators were exceptional in working with our team to bring it all together in a manner to strengthen relationships and help build our sales skills.

    Brian Nelson, Head of Training, Pioneer Investments, Boston, Massachusetts

  • I've seen from a people culture development perspective the outstanding development programs and services Business DNA brings to a company. Their tools accurately identify strengths and development opportunities, and their facilitation is top notch. Their systems help each team leader create a development plan tailored to his or her specific needs. Business DNA can make a difference in the people culture of the organization.

    Pat Pedicini, Manager, Leadership Development & Talent Commercial Division, Australia Post, Melbourne, Australia

  • We have greatly benefited greatly from the DNA profiles, and they have now become a cornerstone of our business. The reports provide accurate insights for understanding, accepting and respecting human differences and then leveraging those differences for building teamwork.

    Jerry Black President, Legacy Planning, Atlanta, Georgia

  • I just wanted to say how insightful I found the DNA Discovery Process and how interesting the report was in clearly highlighting my strengths and struggles in a user-friendly way for my development as a leader.

    Tony Blower, Rowing, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


"DNA has mastered bringing together multiple solutions into an easy to use platform which are easily accessible. This is a true one stop “office in a box” which can seamlessly connect with your business technology platforms."


  • "DNA provides not only accurate insights into the clients emotional requirements, but also provides a wonderful array of specific topics to discuss with the client allowing us to be crystal clear about who the client is and what they want from us. We use it with every client right at the beginning of our engagement process."

    Justin Hooper, Managing Director, Sentinel Wealth Management, Sydney, Australia


  • I took a Kolbe Job test, and a Now Know Your Strengths test today, and they said I should be incarcerated…I like your stuff better, because I can understand it, and I think it understands me and the other folks who took it.

    Bob Esperti, NCI Charity, Colorado

  • The human personality is complex and in a permanent state of transformation. What remains a constant aspect over time is the natural behavior component. Our natural wiring consisting of our natural talents and struggles is critical and influences the decisions and the way our leadership is manifested. With that in mind in the last couple of years Right People Solutions designed and implemented the Entrepreneurial Dialog for Business Performance program which meant to be an open dialogue performance development platform for the local businesses in Romania.

    The program generated a memorable experience for the Romanian entrepreneurs and managers by creating an environment for assessing the leadership strengths and struggles and determining the right leadership role and style for the current life of each organization. It also helped companies and individuals to increase leadership performance by taking concrete steps in developing and implementing action plans for their own leadership.

    Razvan Ghermanschi and Adrian Lauran, Right People Solutions, Romania



    I did my first DNA debrief today for a new client and I really like what you’ve done with the new system. It’s much better than before and I’m really quite excited about how we can use this into the future as we develop our online membership base.

    Andee Sellman, Principal & CEO, One Sherpa Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia


  • The DNA assessments are very simple to take yet incredibly sophisticated in their application including (as one example) customer screening and then matching to the best-fit service professional.   I learned a lot from their Behavioral DNA assessment, and have integrated the Communication DNA assessment into my leadership development workshops.

    Karen Steadman, PHD, President at Leadership Futures, Atlanta, Georgia


  • We have utilized several different personality profile services to evaluate staff and clients over the years.  We found the DNA Behavior systems to be very reliable when compared to other test results.  The DNA reports for each person were very easy to understand and provided practical understanding of key personality traits that helps the staff and managers to work to their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  The ability to overlay several people together on the same grid provided a unique insight on setting up key work teams for projects.

    When we had clients take the test, they valued the fact that we were using innovative tools to serve them better.  It helped us understand our client's viewpoint much quicker and allowed us to tailor our advice within a framework they would be comfortable executing.  We highly recommend it to our clients and any service professionals.

    Greg Crabtree, CPA with Crabtree Rowe & Berger, PC in Huntsville, Alabama

  • I am a very spontaneous person and because of that I failed to perform at my very best in various situations. The tipping point for me was when I understood my natural behavioral leadership style and how it that can affect my personal and business decisions. This simple understanding built more awareness and confidence in the way I behave and act.

    Radu Golban, Lion United, Romania


"We have seen a marked increase in customer and employee emotional engagement after implementing the solution in their businesses."


  • The DNA Behavior  behavioral tools provide invaluable help in my business consulting practice in helping to identify the people issues behind the numbers and also be part of the solution to improving business execution by achieving improved alignment of the people.

    Grazyna de Voorde, De Voorde Consulting, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Very interesting stuff. I can see how this would help customer experience design assignments which require an understanding of customer and employee behavior,  as well as managing my own talents in helping customers. Similar, but more detailed than Belbin, which I used about a decade ago for team performance programs.

    Mike Wittenstein, Customer Experience Strategist, Atlanta, Georgia


  • WOW! Just going through the DNA profile you made me do. I can't believe how accurate this test is of me....Just thought I let you know.

    Isaac Alatorre, Lincoln Financial Group, San Diego, California


  • DNA provides a great lesson knowing how you are hard-wired to behave and communicate in planning your personal finances is more important than the technical and product aspects of money management.

    Susan Bradley, Founder of the Sudden Money Institute and Women, Meaning and Money, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • DNA Behavior excels at helping firms transform their client experience through a deeper understanding of behavior and its impact on the relationship management and wealth management processes. Hugh’s firm, DNA Behavior International, is one of those rare businesses with the very real potential to revolutionize an industry. I have seen his potential to act as a catalyst in the growth and development of thriving independent advisory businesses firsthand, and highly recommend his firm's services.

    Matthew McGinness, Senior Managing Director at First Allied Securities, San Diego, California


  • Wells University is committed to positioning financial representatives on the leading edge of client discovery and practice enhancement.  We are working with DNA because it provides an intelligence platform to accomplish this goal and builds a relationship culture in the financial services industry.  Many successful financial representatives understand the need to manage their clients’ expectations and behaviors prior to repositioning their assets.   DNA fosters a deeper mutual understanding, assists in the client management process to produce more effective communication, and drives more committed financial decisions.

    Doug Buce, Vice President, Wells University, Atlanta, Georgia


"When customers see that you are taking the time to know who they are and then to provide them with a more customized service experience, trust goes up dramatically."


  • DNA provides very powerful behavioral insights that will give you the formula to transform the way you think about the building the quality of your life, starting with understanding yourself in a new way.

    Nick Kalikajaros, Head of Private Banking, St George Bank, Sydney, Australia


  • I have always known that human behavior is an important driver in successful decision-making, but now I have a powerful, yet user-friendly process that can be easily incorporated in my advisory process to truly improve the outcomes and levels of client engagement.

    Rick Helbing, Suncoast Advisory, Sarasota, Florida

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