The Platinum Standard for Discovery

The Forced Choice Assessment Model is academically proven to be far more accurate in predicting behaviors than the Traditional Assessment Formats which measure situational, learned behaviors.

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When the DNA Behavior business was conceived, we adopted the “clean sheet of paper” approach to researching and building our behavioral analysis methodology. This was important given our desire to build a robust system which:

  • comprehensively measures all dimensions of a person's talents, performance drivers and financial personality;
  • starts with the discovery of a person's natural instinctive behavior as this is where they can be consistently productive over long time periods with the least amount of stress when making life, financial and business decisions, and where they will "go to" under pressure;
  • provides the next generation of reports which could be used to deliver an enhanced framework for human capital management, performance coaching, personal development, customer experience management, financial planning and family succession; and
  • enables customized life long experiences to be delivered.

Today, this system is known as the DNA Behavior Discovery Process.

It was clear to us that many of the traditional assessment systems in the market were not satisfactory as they only measured behavior on a situational basis, and did not get to the core of who a person is.

A key research discovery in building the DNA Discovery Process was that the Traditional Scoring Models based on participants rating situations lead to an over inflation of the scoring by one standard deviation which also changes over time compared to the Forced Choice Scoring Model.

The potentially significant Performance Measurement Gap between the "Forced Choice Scoring" approach and traditional models is highlighted below.

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To learn more about the specifics of the DNA Behavior assessment system methodology, reliability and validity, please review our booklet: “DNA Behavior - Getting to the Core of Human Behavior ”.

Also, you can email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for our DNA Behavior Validation Report.


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