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DNA Behavior International was established in 2001 to lead the behavioral management revolution worldwide in business for enhancing relationships and unlocking human potential. Our belief is that “Behavior Drives Performance™”.

We help build behaviorally smart businesses to increase competitive advantage using the most reliable psychometric assessment systems on cutting edge technology platforms. Our client centered behavioral management solutions are delivered in the areas of client experience, financial personality and human capital management.

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How are you navigating the human differences in your business that get in the way of human interactions and performance?

Independent research shows human behavioral issues hidden deep below the surface are closely connected to 87% of business performance challenges which are quantifiable in terms of lost revenues and productivity. Our DNA Behavior solutions and training equip business leaders and their teams to navigate the human differences in their business by discovering and aligning the different communication styles, behaviors and solution preferences of their diverse employees, clients and customers.

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Our Unique Matching Approach

The uniqueness of our “understanding people before numbers” approach is to help businesses build a corporate memory bank of independently validated DNA behavioral data for matching employees to clients, customers and solutions offered on a continuous basis.

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The Power of Natural Behavior

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