DNA Performance Presentations and Workshops

Our presentations and workshops demonstrate how human behavioral insights can be practically used to transform business and personal performance. Our DNA Performance Advisors and DNA Presenters are available to deliver presentations live in keynote presentation or 3 hour workshop format.

Our presentations and workshops are highly experiential in nature using interactive case studies that engage the participants.

Behaviorally SmartTM Presentation Series Summary

In the new behavioral economy, leaders, employees and consumers are now recognizing the influence of human behavior and behavioral economics on bottom line business, financial and life performance. They know performance improvement is no longer just about "left brain" rational processes, new products, technology and information. Rather, it is about integrating a more "right brained" engaging approach by navigating the human differences of diverse employees and clients (or customers).

With this thinking in mind, DNA Behavior's "Behaviorally Smart" presentation and workshop series demonstrates how behavioral intelligence can be practically used by organizations on a scalable basis to know, engage and grow every employee and client. Thereby, leading to the building of a high performance client centered business.

What's in it for you? You will learn how to:

  • Identify your naturally instinctive behaviors, talents and biases which strongly influence performance and decision-making
  • See things through the lens of others to manage human differences
  • Match employees, clients and family members based on their behavioral and communication style for unlocking relationships and human potential
  • Adapt your communication based on how others want to be related to
  • Reduce stress and unproductive time
  • Customize solutions and experiences for customers based on their unique needs
  • Create an open people culture for higher levels of employee and client engagement

A Behaviorally Smart Business Built on Matching

DNA Behavior adopts the foundational approach: "Most businesses and families do not solve their problems not because they cannot solve them, but because they cannot see them. Harvard research undertaken in 2002 shows that 87% of measurable business issues are communication related. This is where we look first whenever we are asked to review a business issue. This same approach is taken when issues arise in any area of life."

Further, "2009 Gallup Research shows that when clients are fully engaged and have a strong emotional connection to the organization, they deliver an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average client. Businesses that simultaneously engage BOTH their employees and clients emotionally are likely to experience up to 2.4 times increase in financial performance."

Customization of the Presentation

DNA Behavior's Behaviorally Smart presentation is universal in its content and can be applied across all industries and professions. Presentations can be customized for different audiences based on your organization's needs, such as:

  • Behaviorally Smart Client Engagement
  • Behaviorally Smart Financial Planning
  • Behaviorally Smart Portfolios
  • Behaviorally Smart Businesses
  • Behaviorally Smart Leadership
  • Behaviorally Smart Entrepreneurship
  • Behaviorally Smart Succession Planning
  • Behaviorally Smart Compliance
  • Behaviorally Smart Living
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