Pioneering DNA Research Findings

Our cutting edge research has enabled the evolution of employee centered personality profiles to customer centered natural behavior discovery and human performance measurement. This research has enabled us to build the next generation of assessments and reports which provide enhanced personal development and commercial business opportunities.

Natural Behavior

Through our research we have expanded the depth of independently validated natural DNA behaviors from 5 generally recognized primary factors to 8 primary factors and 24 sub-factors, which are measured on a horizontal continuum to recognize the strength of both sides of the behavior and remove the high/low description. The new insights include:

  • Trust;
  • Pioneering (Goal setting);
  • Risk Taking and Risk Tolerance;
  • Creativity and Learning Styles

For each primary behavioral factor and sub-factor we have been able to pinpoint the behavioral traits in terms of unique strengths and struggles which are foundational to performance transformation.

Human Performance Measurement

Research shows that there are 4 key components to the measurement of human performance:

  • Being on the Performance Pathway – based on purpose, talents, passions, values, vision and a clear mission.
  • The ability to Emotionally Engage Others – based on the ability to communicate, build relationships and operate with emotional intelligence
  • Operating with Confidence – based on the ability to personally trust yourself and others
  • Making decisions with Wisdom – based on character and values

These new behavioral and performance insights have been incorporated into our online DNA Behavior Discovery and Performance Development Systems.

Estimated SPI

To learn more about the specifics of the DNA Behavior assessment system methodology, reliability and validity, please review our booklet: “DNA Behavior - Getting to the Core of Human Behavior

Financial DNA - Financial Personality

Also, to learn more about our specific Financial Personality findings, please click here.

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