Family DNA Discovery
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The Family DNA Discovery Process has been developed to help each member of a family understand who they are and how they are different to their other family members. Knowing the different behavioral styles and preferences of the family members is a critical step in building “Futurity Plans” for family wealth transfer.

The Family DNA Discovery Process is powerful because it objectively documents each family members attitudes and decision-making style, and importantly how to relate to each other through the process. Although family members may think they know each other well, so often there are blind-spots. These blind-spots cause missed expectations and disappointment which are usually revealed after there is a wealth transfer event.

The Family DNA Discovery Process requires each family member to individually complete their Natural DNA Behavior discovery. Then they will also complete a Family Performance Discovery which uncovers each family members assessment on how the family has addressed the following key areas:

  • Family Purposefamily dna profiles, family dna reports, family motivations
  • Wealth Creation Strategy
  • Wealth Transfer Strategy
  • Planned Giving Strategy
  • Family Business Strategy
  • Family Relationships
  • Family Trust
  • Family Governance

The insights from this discovery process then identify the family strengths and struggles, and the areas of focus for further discussion and resolution in the Futurity Plan.

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