Communication DNA Discovery for Client Experience Management to Improve Relationship Performance

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"Businesses that simultaneously engage BOTH their employees and clients emotionally are likely to experience up to 2.4 times increase in financial performance."

Are you on the same page as your clients or customers when having conversations? Research shows that sales and service teams will only naturally engage 40% of clients or customers.What are you doing to close the "Relationship Gap" with the other 60%?

Do you know how to adapt your communication style to relate with each employee, client and customer on their terms?

Do you have the behavioral insights to match your clients and customers with the right employees, advisors and solutions?

Do you have the behavioral insights and systems to deliver customized service experiences to different client and customer styles?

Communication  DNA® is a proprietary solution used to discover a person’s unique communication and learning style for the real time customization of sales, marketing and service activities to enhance client or customer engagement for improving relationship performance.

The Communication DNA solution operates with the employees, advisors and client or customer taking 2 to 5 minutes to complete an independently validated assessment on the DNA Behavior web based technology platforms with the results immediately available to both the employee or advisor and client or customer in the form of online data and user-friendly reports.


Implementing Communication DNA meets the following objectives:

  • Position the business as a leading client or customer centered brand by growing “behaviorally smart” sales teams and advisors (including client service, call center and delivery teams) using the most reliable behavioral discovery and performance development systems on cutting edge technology platforms.
  • Provide the “soft skills” that are key to success for sales and advisory teams.
  • Help sales and advisory teams more quickly and reliably remove the guess work to “know, engage and grow” their diverse employees and client or customer base using the “Platinum Standard” for behavioral discovery.
  • Enable the business to implement behavioral marketing strategies to provide priceless customized life-long experiences to each client or customer at every touch point from the first point of engagement to service delivery on a continuous basis.
  • Utilize a highly scalable system that holistically provides all of the necessary human behavioral insights and processes on a single technology platform that is accessible on a real time basis by every division of the business, as is appropriate.

Our experience and independent research shows this approach leads to the sustainable revenue growth of the business by more than 23% per year and improved productivity by up to 40%.

Communication DNA Discovery Process Overview

The Communication DNA Discovery Process is deployed up-front in the client (or customer) engagement process so that the sales teams and advisors know how to tailor their communication and customize the service experience each time they interact with the client or customer, thereby enhancing the relationship. Communication DNA can be completed from a link on the website of your business or as part of the data gathering processes of your business.

Those businesses wishing to use Communication DNA on an enterprise basis typically deploy the DNA Relationship System™. The DNA Relationship System is an easy to implement turnkey online system for intelligently matching employees, clients, customers and solutions from phone call to service delivery on a real-time basis.  This is achieved by integrating the company’s technology systems (eg CRM, sales or employee management) to the DNA Behavior technology systems.

Communication DNA is used by sales teams and advisors with clients or customers for:

  • Improving internal communications to enhance employee engagement, team work and service execution.
  • Personalizing an impersonal service in a cost effective manner that will create sustainable relationships.
  • Tailoring communication, discussions, service style, work flow and solution offerings to the style of the client or customer for increasing trust, engagement, acquisition and retention.
  • Matching employees to clients or customers and solutions offered based on communication and learning styles, and also solution preferences.
  • More effectively providing structured marketing and client or customer service programs that build relationship connection.
  • Shortening the cycles for prospects or existing clients or customers to commit to services.
  • Enhancing the ability of businesses to cross sell services between divisions.
  • Enhancing the corporate memory of the business to enable continuous client service execution when there are service team or family transition events.

Communication DNA achieves these objectives by equipping sales and advisory teams with the systems to discover and align the different communication styles and solution preferences for clients or customers of all ages, cultures and levels of wealth.

Transforming Relationships

Sales and advisory teams use a validated online assessment process rather than completely rely on personal observations to overcome the following challenges:

  • Inability to quickly obtain objectively measured insights into the communication and learning styles of prospects before the first meeting and in online interactions.
  • Insufficient self-awareness or confidence to quickly and reliably identify a person’s communication and learning style when meeting them.
  • Clients or customers are different and sales people and  advisors can be naturally blind to who they are in certain areas.
  • Observed behavior is often not the real behavior that is exhibited in decision-making when a person is under pressure.
  • Inability of the sales and advisory team members to separate their own emotions and bias from the actions and decisions of others.
  • Client or customer reluctance or self-knowledge to tell the sales person or advisor everything that is relevant.
  • Lack of methodology for asking structured behavioral discovery questions of each person in the team.
  • No formal systems for documenting who the client is to enable enterprise wide interaction and managing transitions.

Get Started with Communication DNA

To get started Complete the Communication DNA Trial and discover how to customize sales, marketing and service activities with clients or customers to increase engagement and Relationship Performance.

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To learn about using Communication DNA with your clients or customers and employees, visit our Communication DNA Website and have your team call us on 770-274-0311.



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