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Who is in the way of your client's financial planning performance? You and they both are. Independent research shows that 93.6% of your role is the behavioral management of clients.

The Financial DNA Discovery Process is designed to comprehensively uncover all dimensions of a person’s financial personality, otherwise known as their “Financial DNA”, based on extensive behavioral finance research.  A person’s financial personality is their unique style for making life and financial decisions, which we believe are totally integrated. This includes their risk taking behavior and many other behavioral insights and preferences which influence how decisions are made.dna profiles, financial dna, behavioral profiles, client discovery, financial planning, financial planning report

For investors the self awareness and confidence that comes from knowing their financial personality improves all personal, family and advisory interactions and leads to greater quality life and financial performance.

Financial advisors need to know their client’s financial personality so that they can better manage client emotions and decision-making, customize the financial plan and make improved long term investment decisions. Results have shown  that when the financial personality of the client has been known up-front in the planning process that there is greater client commitment to the planning process and decisions, and on an overall basis time is saved at every phase. Watch this video to learn more.

The differentiation of our financial personality discovery methodology is that we start with discovering the person’s unique natural DNA behavior. The natural behavior is foundational to long term wealth creation because it is inherently stable over long periods. Therefore it provides a reliable prediction of how the person will consistently make decisions  throughout their life and through up and down markets.

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