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Are you on the same page as your customers when having conversations? Research shows that sales and service teams will only naturally engage 40% of customers.What are you doing to close the "Relationship Gap" with the other 60%?

The first step in building relationship performance is to have your employees, prospects and clients or customers complete the Communication DNA Discovery Process. The Communication DNA Discovery Process uncovers their natural preferences for how they wish to be communicated with by others. This is powerful information for sales and advisory teams to know and also for others to know in building personal and business relationships based on greater trust and knowing what is important.

We have subscription service packages for sales teams, advisors, coaches, professionals and corporations to use the Communication DNA Premium Reports and Enterprise System with their clients and customers and learn how to tailor their information flows.

The Communication DNA Premium Reports include:

  • The Enterprise Communication DNA ReportTM for keys to tailor communication to each of your clients, customers and employees
  • The DNA Customized Experience ReportTM for insights to provide customized experiences to your clients, customers and employees
  • The DNA Client Service ReportTM providing insights to create unique client and customer workflowsCommunication DNA Enterprise Reports
  • The DNA Sales Adaptation ReportTM for insights to help sales teams adapt their style for specific clients and customers

In addition to these reports, additional solutions and services available include customized messaging, advisor-product matching and client segmentation reporting.  For additional information regarding our Enterprise Communication DNA Solutions for Businesses, visit the Communication DNA website.

Your Communication DNA Discovery can be taken through this website. This discovery process takes 2 to 5 minutes to complete online.

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