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How are you navigating the human differences in your business that get in the way of performance? Research shows that 87% of business issues are people related.

We have developed a series of Business DNA Discovery Processes which reveal different dimensions of a person's talents for how they should perform in a business environment, starting with their natural behavior. Then separately measure their actual performance based on feedback.

The Business DNA Discovery Processes may be purchased on an individual basis or as a package depending how far you wish to progress with talent discovery for personal and business performance enhancement. We strongly recommend that the Business DNA Reports are interpreted and facilitated by one of our DNA Performance Advisors. The pricing of the Business DNA Discovery Processes and services will depend on the service program being offered. Watch this video to learn more.

Our Business DNA Discovery Processes are tailored to the specific areas of focus and include:

  • Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery
  • Personal Work Life Discovery
  • Leadership 360° Discoverybusiness dna reports
  • Employee 360° Discovery
  • Sales 360° Discovery
  • Advisor 360° Discovery
  • Career Life Discovery
  • Executive Quality Life Discovery
  • Hiring Discovery
  • Team Discovery
  • Business Engagement Discovery

For detailed information on each of these discovery processes, please visit the Business DNA Website.

For purchasing information or to view a Sample Report, please contact us.

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