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The foundation of our unique methodology to customer centered business transformation is having BOTH the customer and employees of the provider of services complete our internationally recognized DNA Behavior Discovery Process.

Our DNA Behavior Discovery Process provides differential insights to a person's behavioral style which enhance the opportunities for transforming personal and business performance. We utilize our DNA intelligent technology systems for transforming how businesses manage their employees and customize the delivery of their services on a real time basis.

Customized Experiences, DNA Behavior Systems ApproachThe differentiation of our behavioral discovery approach is the use of 2 separate steps:

1. DNA Natural Behavior Discovery

We start with the discovery of a person's natural instinctive DNA behavior to know who they are at the core. Our "Platinum Standard" psychometric methodology involves the use the "Forced Choice" questionnaire format. This questionnaire format has been academically proven to be the most reliable method of predicting behavioral traits and talents.

The natural instinctive DNA behavior is foundational to understanding customer and employee behavior because it is inherently stable over long periods. Therefore, it provides a reliable prediction of how a person will consistently perform and make decisions throughout their life and through up and down markets with the least amount of stress, and where they will "go to" under pressure. Knowing this core natural behavior is the correct starting point for human capital management and helping customers or clients make the right choices.

2. Learned Behavior and Preferences Discovery

The second step is the discovery of learned behavior and preferences for Human Performance Measurement to know how a person is performing. Our methodology involves the use of a Likert-type scoring model as it is the most appropriate for uncovering situational learned behaviors which need to be known and compared against the DNA Natural Behavior for performance development.

With our DNA Behavior systems approach we are able to utilize strategic behavioral insights to help businesses improve customer service execution and provide a customized customer centered service experience. For individuals, families and employees, the DNA Behavior Discovery Process provides the insights to better guide them in building tailored plans for maximizing their human potential and more confidently making the right choices for a Quality Life.

Further, the power of the DNA Behavior Discovery Process for improving performance is that it increases the ability of a business to emotionally engage with their customers by having a deeper understanding of them. For the individuals, families and employees, the behavioral insights provides them with greater self understanding which gives them increased confidence and emotional commitment to their decisions.

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