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The DNA Behavior Discovery System provides a multidimensional suite of client centered behavioral relationship management solutions under 3 primary brands (? Business DNA, Communication DNA, Financial DNA) with 12 different assessments in 10 languages which can be used for increasing employee and client (or customer) engagement.

Each of these solutions integrates behavioral insights, human performance measurement, product and solution suitability as well as behavioral facilitation through 35 customized reports. In addition, there are several secondary brands (Family DNA, Philanthropy DNA, Couple DNA, Entrepreneurship DNA, Sports DNA and Personal Life DNA).

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The specific DNA Behavior Discovery products available under each of the 3 primary brands are listed below. All of these DNA Behavior Discovery Processes are capable of being completed through an on-line facility or, if required, in a paper format for subsequent input. If completed online the input time will range from 3 minutes to, at most, 30 minutes depending on the specific discovery process used.

Each discovery process generates a customized report for the respondent immediately on completion which is capable of self printing while a notification email regarding the completion of the profile is sent to the facilitator who has arranged the profile.

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Customized DNA Discovery Reports

We offer an extensive range of behavioral management solutions that leverage the behavioral insights obtained into key areas such as communication and relationships, business leadership and management, financial decision-making, family succession, sports teams, planned giving, entrepreneurship and general personal development. In this regard, we have customized our DNA Behavior Discovery Process into separate products that are tailored to the specific application and area of focus.

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Business DNA Discovery - for improving Business Performance by discovering the behaviors of the leaders and employees in your business, and customers.

Communication DNA Discovery - for enhancing engagement and Relationship Performance by uncovering natural preferences for how a person wishes to be communicated with by others.

Financial DNA Discovery - for building Financial Planning Performance by understanding a person's unique financial personality and preferences to improve financial planning and investment choices.

Family DNA Discovery - for creating sustainable Family Performance by building family relationships and improving how families and their advisors make life, family succession, financial and investment decisions.

Philanthropy DNA Discovery - for creating sustainable Planned Giving Performance by understanding the unique strengths, motivations and perspectives for each person in giving their time, talents and money.

Couple DNA Discovery - for creating sustainable relationships between couples and partners by understanding the differences in their talents, and making life and financial decisions.

Sports DNA Discovery - for creating sustainable player, team and coaching performance by recognizing and appreciating the differences to increase effectiveness and align team talents to goals.

Personal Life DNA Discovery - for creating sustainable performance by discovering key behavioral insights into how a person naturally approaches life and making key decisions.

For a summary of the DNA Behavior Discovery product suite, click here.

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