Kriss Poll - Vice President, Relationship Management Integration

Kriss Poll Profile Pic Kriss' passion

Kriss is passionate about helping organizations unlock the power of behavioral understanding to successfully accomplish business goals. She works with leaders to further develop their organizational goals and to build collaborative teams that can execute. Kriss believes that tailoring solutions, communications, and experiences for customers, vendors and employees based on behavioral insights will propel companies ahead in our highly interactive and competitive landscape.

Kriss Poll has almost 20 years as a seasoned leader and consultant with experience working in technology, operations, accounting and finance. She specializes in transforming and optimizing organizations and customer experiences using behavioral management solutions. She achieves this through enhancing performance across the key areas of:

  • Leadership and Strategy,
  • Program Development and Project Management,
  • Change Management,
  • Organizational Structure, Employee Engagement, and Hiring,
  • Relationship Management and Tailored Communications for Clients' Behavioral Style,
  • Process Improvement and Systems Optimization.

Kriss is a seasoned leader and director who oversaw a portfolio of projects that included enterprise-wide change management programs for multi-million dollar process improvement and technology implementations:

  • Created a $100 MM program to implement new system controls and processes for increased throughput with fewer errors at a pipeline company.
  • Improved end-user satisfaction, communications and processes for a $50 MM call center upgrade at a large cable company.
  • Developed a new Online Markets division from a hand-full of people to over a hundred with over a $40 MM budget within a year for a large telecommunications company.
  • Transformed a troubled IT department into a thriving department with a $35 MM successful Enterprise Resource Planning system implementation across 17 offices of a large cable company.
  • Established procure-to-pay outsourcing governance program to improve sourcing process for a large beverage company.
  • Streamlined disbursements processes and systems as part of the creation of a shared services center for a large telecommunications company; received customer service awards.
  • Established roadmap for merger of online account management systems for two large telecommunications companies.

As part of the advanced Program in Professional Accounting (PPA), Kriss graduated with honors from Michigan State University with both her Bachelors in Accounting and an MBA with an emphasis in Information Systems and Finance. After working on "Wall Street" for 2 years up north, she and her soon-to-be husband packed the rental truck and headed south for Hotlanta, which allowed her to donate her ice scraper to needy U-per's.

DNA Work Style Profile
Initiator - Take Charge - Skeptical

Kriss Poll's Performance Environment Keys

Profile Type, Performance Strengths, Performance Struggles, Human Behavior


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