Hugh Massie - CEO, Behavioral Finance Strategist

Behavioral Finance Specialist, Behavioral Management Specialist, Business Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author

Hugh MassieHugh Massie is the CEO of DNA Behavior International. He is a Behavioral Finance Strategist and successful entrepreneur with 28 years of unique and diverse international experience.

Hugh is the leader of the behavioral management revolution in business worldwide for building enhanced relationships and unlocking human potential. His goal is to make behavioral finance insights practically usable for organizations on a scalable basis to "Know, Engage and Grow" every employee and client online. Thereby, leading to the building of a high performance client centered business. In particular, Hugh specializes in the areas of:

  • Client Experience
  • Behavioral Finance, and
  • Team Productivity

With his experienced team, Hugh has pioneered the development and packaging of state of the art "hire to retire" technology systems which reliably discover every facet of a person's DNA wiring using the "Platinum Standard" for behavioral discovery and performance development.

The uniqueness of Hugh's business approach is the matching of employees to clients using behavioral insights to increase the levels of engagement. This approach has proven bottom line performance in terms of assisting organizations to generate substantially higher revenue and productivity.

Based on using powerful behavioral discovery systems and his experiences as a business leader, entrepreneur, advisor, investor and personally, Hugh has been able to help hundreds of businesses and people to navigate the human behavioral issues which get in the way of success

Hugh's Passion and Life Purpose

Hugh's purpose is to liberate, guide and educate people from around the world of all ages, cultures and levels of position and wealth to Live with Meaning ® by unlocking their human potential based on having a greater understanding of who they are, their life purpose and financial motivations. His belief is "Behavior Drives Performance" and he operates by the approach of "Understanding People before Numbers".

Hugh's DNA Natural Behavior Style is - Initiator
Initiators have a strong focus on defining and achieving pioneering goals that lead to lasting change. An Initiator's style is to be fast paced, assertive, confident, and logical.They lead through visionary thinking and are not afraid to take risks or strong action to achieve results. Initiator's have a strong focus on defining and achieving pioneering goals that lead to lasting change. An Initiator's style is to be fast paced, assertive, confident, and logical. They lead through visionary thinking and are not afraid to take risks or strong action to achieve results.

Hugh Massie's Performance Environment Keys

Profile Type, Performance Strengths, Performance Struggles, Human Behavior

Business Background
Hugh founded DNA Behavior International in Sydney in 2001 and is now based in Atlanta GA.

Hugh and his team work with over 2000 multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, financial and professional services businesses and family owned businesses around the world. He works with some of the leading world's leading brands impacting the lives of people in over 50 countries, and in 11 languages.

Further, Hugh is a leading international speaker on strategic, innovative and motivational solutions for transforming business, marketing, financial planning, family, sporting and personal performance using behavioral insights. He regularly presents at leading industry, corporate and not-for-profit events around the world.

He has written numerous articles and whitepapers on subjects relating to human behavior, human performance, communication and relationships, client and employee engagement, and behavioral finance. Hugh is the author of a book "Financial DNA ® - Discovering Your Unique Financial Personality for a Quality Life", published by John Wiley & Sons.

Hugh worked with Arthur Andersen for 10 years in Sydney, Singapore and Thailand before founding the Coddington Group in March 1996 as a leading provider of financial and business services to families and entrepreneurs. He has significant commercial and business experience through the provision of a broad range of financial advisory, financial product packaging, capital raising and business consulting services.

Hugh's educational and professional background includes a Bachelors of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from the University of New South Wales, he is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and he has a Diploma in Financial Planning.

He is the President of Entrepreneurs Organization in Atlanta and on the US East Coast Regional Board, a worldwide forum for business founders. Hugh is also involved in other not-for-profit activities related to youth development.

Hugh's personal interests are golf, tennis, skiing, cricket, travel, reading and wine tasting.

Hugh currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Jennifer, daughter Kathryn, son Hugh and English Setter dogs Aristotle and Josie.


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