DNA Community Leadership Team

We have a global DNA Leadership Team leading the DNA Community in different countries. Each leader has more than 20 years business experience covering business consulting and personal advisory services, coaching and mentoring, education and human behavior. The leadership team is assisted by DNA Performance Advisors, Strategic Partners and support staff who provide specialist services under the DNA brand. The team is lead by Hugh Massie, our President and Founder.

Our international clients are served in a collaborative way by a team of DNA Performance Advisors which thinks and acts globally. Further, our team regularly holds DNA Community Meetings to generate new thinking and leverage knowledge.

The key talent of our team is a high level of creative and diverse thinking supported by concrete and structured processes.

Hugh Massie

CEO, Behavioral Finance Strategist

Leon Morales

Vice President, Relationship
Management Integration (Initiator)

Kriss Poll- Vice President, Relationship Management Integration (Initiator)

Kriss Poll

Vice President, Relationship
Management Integration

Ryan Scott

Manager, Product
and Integrations
(Reflective Thinker)

Malcom Le Lievre

Managing Partner,
Australia and
New Zealand (Initiator)

Peggy Mengel

Senior Consultant

Carol Pocklington

Human Behavior Solutions
Analyst (Facilitator)

Eamon Porter

Managing Partner, United
Kingdom and Ireland

Chad Smith

Consultant, Client
Relationship Management

James Whitehurst

Operations Manager
(Stylish Thinker)

DNA Research Team

Justin De Simone,Ph.D. - Atlanta, GA (Strategist)

Bill Newbolt,Ph.D. - Atlanta, GA (Strategist)

Lee Ellis - Atlanta, GA (Influencer)

John Guerin - Fort Washington, PA (Relationship Builder)

DNA Technology Team

Manish Sachdeva (Initiator)

Rizwan Ahmed (Strategist)

Gaurav Soni (Stylish Thinker)

Ashwin Gaurkar (Engager)

Ujjwal Meshram (Facilitator)

Sachin Shelare (Relationship Builder)

Adam Vayle (Relationship Builder)

DNA Operations Team

Leah Bertulfo - Marketing Coordinator (Reflective Thinker)

Morena Melograna - Sydney, Australia (Reflective Thinker)

Margaret Lathen - Atlanta, GA (Strategist)

Rachel de la Cruz - Client Relationship Specialist (Reflective Thinker)


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