DNA Strategic Partner Programs

Strategic Partners to deliver human behavior solutions worldwide using the DNA Behavior Discovery Systems. Behavior International is in a stage of internationalization through strategic partnerships. In order to extend our global reach, we work with a network of selected companies, innovators and experts who have the unique capabilities of delivering our customized human behavior solutions in specific vertical market channels. We are committed to providing our partners with  significant competitive advantages through the power of our industry leading DNA Behavior Discovery Processes and the design of innovative education and consulting programs which leverage the insights from our discovery processes.

Our Strategic Partner program provides partners with unprecedented levels of service, operational efficiency, cost savings and competitive advantage which are critical to delivering outstanding client service.

DNA Behavior’s training and technical personnel are fully equipped to meet the unique support requirements of our partners. We offer ongoing marketing and strategic planning consulting, product customization, program design, training classes and on-call technical support to help the partners take advantage of our powerful products.

Become a DNA Strategic Partner

DNA Behavior provides the opportunity to selected individuals and businesses who are certified in the DNA Behavior Discovery Processes to join our network of strategic partners as a:

1. DNA Business Channel Operator providing nominated DNA Behavior Solutions (products and services) to clients in a specific market vertical worldwide on a dedicated basis. DNA Behavior is paid a fee of 15% to 20% of gross revenues, depending on revenue levels and the business plan.

2. DNA Product Distributor providing nominated DNA Behavior products in a specific market vertical on a non-dedicated basis. The DNA Behavior products are purchased at a discount of 25% to 60% depending on volume and meeting other requirements.

3. DNA Performance Advisor providing advisory and training services under the DNA Behavior brand for payment of agreed fees.

4. DNA Business Development Agent providing referral and sales management services who is paid 5 to 15% of gross revenues introduced.

Our strategic partners must meet our established criterion and share our company values. To learn more and apply, click here: Click here to apply

Success criterion for third party distributors:

DNA Distribution Model


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