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We are a preferred solution provider worldwide because of our proven track record in utilizing the power of our DNA Behavior Discovery Systems to help businesses become “behaviorally smart” through improving the behavioral management of their employees and clients (or customers).

The most common question we get is, "Will my customers or clients participate in the process?" We are prepared to back the engaging power of our service with a “Client Engagement 90 Day Refund Guarantee”. If you have attended one of our training programs we will refund in full the subscription fees paid to date if you provide satisfactory written evidence from one of your clients within 90 days of entering into the subscription service that they are dissatisfied with the DNA Discovery Process deployed and will not use your services. Therefore you wish to immediately terminate the service.

In our experience, businesses increase their revenues by 20%+ per annum, employee productivity by 40% and team productivity by 70% through adopting simple and actionable strategies which:
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  • Build a mutual “knowing me knowing you” business culture leading to higher levels of employee and customer engagement
  • Match leaders and employees to roles, teams, customers and solutions offered
  • Increase the predictability of successfully hiring the right talent for the role
  • Navigate the hidden behavioral differences for enhanced client service execution
  • Enable leaders to capitalize on the strengths and manage the struggles of different talents to achieve higher productivity

Financial Advisors increase their advisory services fees and assets under management by 20%+ per annum and productivity by 40% through adopting simple and actionable strategies which:

  • Increase the emotional engagement with clients
  • Help in choosing the ideal clients that they can more easily build a long lasting relationship with
  • Enable them to more quickly and reliably know who their clients are and their decision-making biases
  • Increase their client facing time for earning more revenue
  • Enable the delivery of structured programs to guide clients in a tangible way to unlock their human potential and make the right choices for a quality life

In addition, our objective in providing services is to:

  • Typically achieve a 5:1 return on investment for our fees
  • Establish benchmarks for measuring success on a qualitative and quantitative success around your business objectives
  • Be highly approachable, reliable and transparent in the delivery of our services
  • Return phone calls and emails within 24 hours

Having trouble deciding? Then please give us a chance to walk our talk and minimize the risks in your decision. Connect with us today for a discussion and a trial of one of our internationally recognized DNA Behavior assessments that is relevant to your needs.

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