DNA Business Culture

The DNA Behavior Business Culture has been developed based on two important principles related to our values and building a “Know, Engage and Grow” operating environment:

1. "Knowing Me Knowing You" Relationships

The principle of Knowing Me Knowing You involves the open and mutual sharing of DNA Behavior Discovery Reports to build higher levels of trust in every relationship. We achieve this through the sharing of our DNA Ultimate Performance Guides at all levels across the business in every key interaction.

Performance management, build relationships, improve communication, strengths and struggles, human potential

2. Building a Quality Life

In order for us to be authentic our team must work in an environment which enables them to live a quality life and continuously develop at their own speed. Our Quality Life working culture recognizes that every person is unique and therefore needs to be individually managed in an open team based environment.

The business is managed to achieve a fair balance between productivity, harmony and giving. The people we select for our team are motivated by a balance of financial remuneration and non-financial benefits.

DNA Behavior, DNA Quality Life, Quality Life, Business CultureWithin this framework, we have established remuneration policies that enable and/or encourage each team member to:

  • Realize their dreams
  • Grow personally
  • Have special family leave
  • Contribute to community based causes
  • Receive professional and personal development education
  • Obtain once-in-a-lifetime life experiences
  • Live a healthy life

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