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DNA Behavior is an international people insights firm. We provide organizations worldwide with a single technology platform which delivers practical and scalable behavioral intelligence solutions to "Know, Engage and Grow" every employee and client online for the building of a client-centered business.

The business was established in 2001 and is the global leader of the behavioral management revolution for enhancing relationships and unlocking human potential.

We deliver proprietary "hire-to-retire" technology systems which more quickly and reliably discover every facet of a person's DNA wiring (talents, communication and decision-making style) using the "Platinum Standard" for behavioral discovery and performance development.

Our solutions are based on validated behavioral sciences research and delivered on cutting-edge technology platforms in the areas of:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Client Experience Management
  • Financial Personality Management

The DNA Behavior Solutions equip business leaders and their teams to navigate the human differences in their business by discovering and aligning the different communication styles, behaviors, talents, risk profiles, decision-making biases and solution preferences of their diverse leaders, employees, advisors and clients. The uniqueness of DNA Behavior's approach is to enable behavioral intelligence to be operational-ized at the fingertips of every person in the organization for matching their team to clients and solutions offered on a continuous basis.

Since commencing business, DNA Behavior serves people in over 50 countries through 11 languages and has 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes under 3 primary brands. Our proprietary DNA Discovery Processes have been developed and independently validated since 2001 by a highly qualified team with 100+ years of combined academic and practical behavioral discovery instrument development experience. Furthermore, DNA Behavior has invested more than 50 man years in the development of these systems and its programs.

Guiding Business Based on Practical Behavioral Intelligence
Founder Hugh Massie explains how he founded DNA Behavior and our philosophy.

To learn in more depth about our business, its history and our solutions, review our booklet:
DNA Behavior - Getting to the Core of Human Behavior

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